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Advent and Garden Preparation

Thy Nativity Oh Christ our God,
Has shown to the world the light of wisdom.
For by it those who worshiped the stars
Were taught by a star to adore You,
The Sun of Righteousness,
And to know You, the Orient from on high.

O Lord, glory to You!

With the Advent Fast coming, we are beginning a great time of preparation- for our hearts and minds to accept the humble and glorious Birth of Jesus Christ! This Season is so full of ways to prepare our soil for the seeds to be planted this spring~ bringing with it the light of Christ’s Holy


Let’s try to use this time of reflection, winter, and Thanksgiving to remind our hearts of their need for Christ, and their love for one another!

Working in a Garden has such a great spiritual benefit for everyone involved! We’re going to be bonding together as our Community here at St. George prepare our Garden for Spring Planting(Join us on Saturday December 1st 8am-4pm, for more details please view the Events page here on our Blog.)

In light of this coming Event December 1st, we thought it was a good idea to post a short article with information and reference to our Advent preparation, both for our Souls and our Garden. Please check out the following links in relation to these topics, and prepare yourself with us for Christ’s Birth and the Start of our First Garden!

A nice Story regarding The Nativity

Blog Article on Preparing for Nativity

Fasting and Feasting to Prepare

Gardening Website we Like

The Magi who had been led on their way by a divine star
Stood before You in wonder at Your marvelous birth;
And bearing gifts, they see the sun
Who rose form the Virgin cloud.
Let the people who sat in darkness
See shining forth the Light that knows no evening,
Him whom the star once manifested
To the fire-worshipping Persian kings.

You have shone forth from a Virgin,
O Spiritual Son of Righteousness,
And a star revealed You,
Whom nothing can contain,
Contained within a cave.
You have led the Magi to worship You,
And joining with them we magnify You.
O Giver of Life, glory to You.

Our savior, the Dayspring from the East,
has visited us from on high;
And we who were in darkness and shadow
Have found the Truth.
For the Lord is born of a Virgin!

And more Garden Reading from

Preparing garden soil for spring planting begins in the fall. When you clean out old debris and trash from your garden and add organic matter and nutrients during autumn, your soil has time to adjust to the additions, which provides the optimal planting environment for the spring. When spring arrives, you can spend your time designing and planting your garden.

Rich soil is a key element if you want to produce healthy flowers and robust produce. However, not all soil is created equal and many gardeners will have to do some work before their soil is optimal for flowers and vegetables. Adding Organic material will not only enrich your soil so your plants will grow well, it will also protect them from various diseases and pests that can afflict a garden with mediocre soil.

Read more: How to Revitalize Garden Soil for Planting |


Our Garden Begins!

     Humble beginnings are a good sign when you’re Orthodox. So we’re starting this Garden with humble hopes and good intentions! Our plans are to begin planting this spring. What a wonderful way to come together this Lent, gardening and socializing- beautifying our property and providing means for our first Harvest of Produce within the year 2013. There are so many in need of food. Some day we hope our efforts will provide a plentiful source of food and a bonding experience our entire community can enjoy!