Gardening As Charity


Christ is in Our Midst!

Since Today marks the Saturday before our Mission/Vision Sunday event, we thought it was appropriate to share our Church’s current focus, developing Mission and Vision Statements for our growing parish!

St George Garden was an idea developed through the Charity Committee, in order to expand on our efforts to provide help through Time, Talents, and Treasure!

Our hope is that you will join in our efforts to create  a source of Beauty and Charity, by participating in our Gardening adventures!

Everyone is welcome in the Garden! Young and Old!

Please find your place in this awesome Project, Sing-up in person this Sunday November 4th, or here online(find our Events Page/Registration) to stay in touch with our Gardening Committee and learn about all our needs and events.

Mission Statement

The mission of St. George Greek Orthodox Church is to preserve, practice, and proclaim the Orthodox Christian Faith in order to glorify God, and to grow and serve the Parish and the community.

Vision Statement

The vision for the future of St. George Greek Orthodox Church is to be a Parish where:

  • We all actively participate in the life of the Church and grow in the Faith. (Education)
  • We connect and communicate within and outside the parish community to promote the Faith. (Outreach)
  • We express our Faith and Christ’s love through the offering of time, talents, and treasures. (Charity).

  • We have a growing Stewardship Program and Endowment Fund to ensure the success of the Parish for future generations. (Legacy)

Thank You again for your Support!!!


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