Make A Living Wreath!

Tutorial on How…

We’re Re-blogging this awesome Tutorial from “Hostess with the Mostess”

you can find the original tutorial here: Click This Link

How to Make a Living Wreath

by Kim Foren of Geranium Lake Flowers

1. Start by sourcing a wire wreath ring. Check garden and craft stores or online. The ring needs to have a round three dimensional shape with 2 top rings and one lower ring so you can properly plant your plants. I usually use a 12-14 outside dimension.

2. You will also need wet potting soil and soaked sphagnum moss for your potting medium.  For the plants, make sure they have 3″ of roots so they can be pressed into the ring and not fall out.

3. I start by massing all the plants together and work my way around the ring being careful to fill ring with soil, moss then my plant material. {There’s a fantastic video tutorial on this part of the process here.}   It works best to keep your wreath flat while working. After it’s completed, water well and let the plants take root. Leave it flat for at least a week.

4. Once plants have settled and taken root you are free to hang it up!  For watering in the summer, I often either soak in a utility sink or soak completely with a hose.

Experiment with all kinds of succulents (hen and checks, aloe, echeveria, kalanchoe to name a few), spring pansies, annuals works great and even cherry tomatoes for a living edible wreath!

This Wreath is the Perfect Gift for Nativity!

Or make one to Donate towards our Garden Fundraiser!


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