Concerns For our Garden

After talking to our fellow parishioners on Sunday, I’ve been asked a few questions and brought up concerns about our Garden’s success.

“Having a realistic expectation of the resistance that we will face, will help us to set up the correct routine and stick with it. If we run with patience the race that is set before us, God will give us the strength and grace to continue. John of Sinai also wrote, “All who enter upon the good fight, which is hard and close, but also easy, must realize that they must leap into the fire, if they expect the celestial fire to dwell in them.”

As we all know- Gardens are not an easy undertaking. I hope that we can prepare ourselves and realize that this is a learning experience. This year will be full of triumph and defeat. We need to remember to bear with it all- and know that our efforts will not be without their rewards! Here are a few concerns that have been voiced, and our Garden Committee’s response to these concerns.

Gopher Problems

As you probably know- Bakersfield has Gophers. There are many ways to keep them out though. The ways we’ll be choosing to deal with them will have to be natural and organic. A few options for solving this problem are as follows:

Lay “underground fencing” material to prevent them from digging upward into our produce area.

Placing Gopher deterrent “sound stakes” around the Garden to make them leave.

Also there are some “natural” poisons that can be used carefully to deter them.

How to keep our Garden as Organic as possible?

A few ways to keep things Organic- not introducing chemicals, finding ways to keep pests under control naturally by using soap sprays, and predator bugs. Preventive measures can be used to try and keep our Garden’s own ecosystem in balance.

That’s a part of the big reason why we’re having a Garden Party in December! If we start the Garden’s soil off with the right Organic Organisms then the Garden can do a lot of the work itself. We’ll be using Organic Fertilizing methods, compost etc.

Rodents, Kit Fox, and Squirrels

We can either offer them food far away from our Garden, or take measures to deter them trough traps, fencing and mesh. One of the big reasons why we need a lot of people involved in our Garden- is so that we have help with resolving these issues as they arrive.

People will be needed to research and execute our solutions on a regular basis. we also have to prepare ourselves for small disappointments. Our Garden may not be perfect this year, but we’ll be learning from it and growing in our concepts and knowledge on the best ways to Garden. We probably won’t be able to keep every animal influence out of our Garden, but with God’s help it will survive and produce!

Organic Pest Control

We covered this a little bit above. We’ll be using predator bugs, organic sprays, and plants that deter bad bugs.

As well as providing healthy organisms in the soil to combat things naturally. Our leaves may not be without a few holes, but hopefully we’ll still see the benefit in our vegetable production.

Ongoing Parishioner involvement

We’ll need people helping maintain our garden on a weekly basis! There are a few of us already dedicated to it, here on the Garden Committee, but when we become ill, or need a few extra hands to lighten the load- we’ll be calling on your strength and expertise to help us manage a successful Organic Garden!

Setting boundaries/Rules

We’ve already set a few rules, that you can review on our Garden Guidelines page, but as the needs arise we will be adding to our experience and growing wiser about our boundaries.

Possibilities of Damage to our Gardens by outside sources

It has been mentioned by a few people that often our little Church will be broken into from time to time- people vandalize our plants and our Hellenic Park is not always safe from this. Sturdy fencing is crucial, but let’s keep an open heart and a trustworthy mind.

If God allows us to go through some turmoil it’s for our own good that we keep our patience and NEVER give up!!! Turn the other cheek, and keep going. When God sees our efforts as resilient, He’ll reward us for our patience and persistence! He’ll give us a bountiful and precious Garden to which we can use to the Glory of his name, if this is His will.

Will people Steal our Produce?

This goes along with the above question. Possibly! they may steal it. But isn’t half the point of this garden to provide for those in need? If they need it then God will be their judge. We’ll just keep at it! Blessings will come back to us!

Is this Garden “for REAL”? Or is this just someones idea of fun?

Yes, we’re very serious about this Garden. We really would like to see it succeed. Let’s do this TOGETHER! Let’s accomplish this without giving up half way through the year, when temperatures get hot, or we run into bumps in our gardens growth process. We want see this through. And we will. 😀

Leave your comments, thoughts and concerns about the Garden. This shows how much you care!


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