About Garden

“Try to keep a small piece of land and have it cultivated, and you will help those, close to you that doesn’t have any” -Elder Paisios

Goals For Our Garden

Here at St. George Church in Bakersfield, we’re setting up a Garden!

Our goal is to create a sustainable Organic Garden we’ll be harvesting food from to use for our Church fundraising, as well as Charitable giving. We have a Benevolence program set up for the needy families within our community and are hoping this Garden will help this program by supplementing food as well as a sense of belonging to those in need. Family’s are encouraged to participate in the creation, upkeep, events, as well as donations needed to provide a successful Garden for St. George Church.

We’re hoping you’ll join in our efforts to provide a prayerful corner for meditation- as well as a thriving source of food.

Outline of Garden 

  • Year Round Gardening, Harvesting, Canning, and Socializing.
  • Plant Fruit trees that are ready to produce- preferably in containers.
  • Plant a Vegetable Garden- for making Pasta Sauce, and use of Fresh produce.
  • Plant an Herb Garden- for use in meals, pasta sauce, and medicinally.
  • Build a small Icon Corner- for Meditation and Prayer.
  • Have Seating provided- for spending social time in the Garden.
  • Eventually Build a Small Pergola- to provide shade and Beautification.

Save Your Seeds Program

Eventually we will have an up and running “Save Your Seeds” program as well. This will provide much needed plants to continue our gardening efforts year round. Fellow Parishioners will be encouraged to Save and Donate seeds for planting and harvesting.

Harvest From Home

Also, we would like to extend our gardening efforts into our communities homes! Do you have fruits trees full of edible fruit!? Is it falling off your tree, being wasted, or would you like to contribute some of it to our charitable giving efforts? Do you have plants to donate, Vegetables, or Herbs to contribute? We will have a few ways you can involve your home gardens! Harvest your bounty and donate it to the Garden committee for preparation and charity, or register to have a fun “Picking Party” invite us to your home and we’ll do all the work for you! Have a messy Olive tree? or an Orange tree you can’t keep up with, we’ll take the fruit off your hands and leave you with a clean yard, and a warm heart!

Stay in Touch, we’ll soon have a way to register for a “Picking Party” to come to your house, or to choose a produce “Drop off Date”

We’ll need all the help we can get to keep this Garden flourishing and full of Good Fruits!

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