Garden Guidlines

The St. George Garden – 2013

Welcome to the St. George community Garden.

The following rules and guidelines have been developed to maintain Unity in our Garden Community. We hope these rules will help create boundaries that allow everyone to enjoy and reap the benefits of the Community Garden. It will take many people working together to sustain this Garden. Above all, in our interactions with one another, please treat every person with respect, remembering that each of us brings different gifts and limitations. With God’s help this Garden will become a great success!


Garden Courtesy Rules:
Children are VERY welcome in the Church Community Garden.
Children younger than 13 must be under adult supervision.
The Garden area is a pet-free, alcohol-free, and tobacco-free zone.
No vandalism or stealing (this includes tools, seeds, vegetables, etc.)
Explicit permission must be given for anyone to harvest produce from or do
anything else that could be considered a “major” change to our Garden’s layout etc.
Communication among gardeners is encouraged!
All tools and supplies designated for the Garden are to be used in the Garden only,
and returned in good condition(or replaced) as soon as you are finished with them.
Please treat the tools well when they are in your care. If a tool breaks, repair it or inform the Garden Committee.
Please do not lay tools in pathways.
Please do not listening to music or radio unless it is Orthodox Christian related,
out of courtesy for our prayerful Garden Corner
Thank You again for your Participation!!!
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