Get Involved

Ways You and Your Family can get involved!

There’s so much to do in a Garden! Find your place in this FUN! project. Plug you and your family members in for a Gardening Day, or check out our list of needs to Donate the necessary items for helping this Project get “Off The Ground”

Off The Ground!

We’re hoping to schedule in a date to prepare the ground and instal irrigation systems soon, to be announced.

This is preferably an Organic Garden, we’d like to keep things as natural as possible…

List of Needs

  • Irrigation/manual Labor to install
  • Brick/Stone to use in creating garden boundaries
  • Organic Seeds/Plants for Vegetable and Herb Gardens
  • Organic Dwarf Citrus/Fruit trees with Large planters
  • Money/Material to build a small Redwood Pergola
  • Garden table with a couple chairs
  • Money for materials to build a small Icon corner
  • Icon, preferably from the Life giving Spring Monastery
  • Garden tools/Manual Labor to establish our Garden area
  • Organic compost/organic fertilizer
  • Money and Materials for Fencing in Garden

Seed Savers!

Calling all Organic Grocery shoppers, Organic Gardeners, and Herbalists! SAVE YOUR SEEDS! Produce of any kind, whether it be Fruit, Vegetable, or Herb can be dried- stored in paper bags- with plenty of air ventilation, labeled and given to anyone on the Garden committee for replanting in our Garden! Or even better, if you’d like to start these seeds yourself and bring them to us as small plants- we’ll be ready to replant them this February and March Spring Season.

Save your seeds from now on, and give them to Christina Jennings when you see her-

These resources will be a vital way to add to our garden- cost efficiently, plus we’re recycling! An excellent way to make this beautiful creation a better place! The bees will LOVE you for it!!


Join in the Gardening Community! Stay in touch through Registering HERE:

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